We welcome TheOther Aquarist

It gives us great pleasure in welcoming TheOther Aquarist to our fold.

Krishna, popularly known as ‘TheOther Aquarist’ coined the phrase because it was passion for his finned companions that brought him into the business and swore that he would not be a commercial entity, out to make a quick buck. His interests are species from Tanganyika and South America. He is one of the few hobbyists who have succeeded in breeding our own rare cichlid, the Etroplus canarensis. Our association with him dates back to 2007, from when we have shared many fishing expeditions together and he is whom you would call a genuine guy and a friend, expecting nothing in return. It is this quality that has endeared him to hobbyists all around India and led to his tie-up with Ipoh Discus, Malaysia. Owners Jeffrey Tan and Tony are winners of the Discus Competition at Aquarama for consecutive years, including 5 awards in the recently concluded Aquarama 2013.

Besides discus and other cichlids, we would be stocking fishes that are mainly community dwelling, tetras, barbs, rasboras, small catfish and inverts. Special orders for monster fishes and rare fishes can be placed with us. We will entertain only serious enquiries and if we find that any enquiries are bogus/time pass, we shall strictly ignore them. This is because we would like spending more time and energy towards a genuine customer than to a window shopper. We do not stock any of the man-made disasters like Flower Horns, Blood Parrots, Pink Danios, Balloons, Short bodies and the tattooed fish as we believe them to be a crime against Nature.

Updates on fish stocks can be found at our blogs, https://blog.aquashoppe.in and in more detail at http://theotheraquarist.com. Purchases can be made through our main site, https://www.aquashoppe.in. Aquashoppe India Pvt. Ltd. is the only online company in India to have currently received the permission to sell livestock through a payment gateway. This speaks of our commitment towards the hobby and to our customers.

All our livestock are quarantined on arrival and before despatch. Delivery schedules are likely to change based on availability and condition of the fishes, nature of transport, connectivity and ease of access. Shipments will be sent by overnight bus, train or by air as required. We request you to check on schedules directly with us to ensure that you are fully aware of our operations and ask you to make a payment only after you are fully satisfied with our services. We do have customer testimonials on our new website, but more importantly we have the trust of many hobbyists who have dealt with us in the past.

Walk through the jungle

This is an aquarium set up by us at a client’s residence. We shall take you along our journey of this tank as it progresses from the day of its inception to its current form.

Preamble: The client called us for a new tank as his existing one (a chinese import) was leaking. We visited him and found that the cabinet had weakened because it had taken in water and had sagged, leading to the bottom glass bending and cracking. This is a common problem found in most of these imported tanks. The basic reason being the use of particle board which tends to absorb water and swell. The client decided to go in for a slightly larger one, handcrafted by us. We decided we would use most of what was available and lessen the burden for the client.

Tank – 180cm * 60cm * 60cm – 180 Gallons
Cabinet – Custom made steel and marine plywood cabinet with 4 doors
Filtration – Eheim Classic 600 – 1 nos, One Chinese make (existing).
Lighting – Aquazonic 39W x 8 T5HO tubes, timer controlled.
CO2 – Pressurized CO2, dual gauge regulator with solenoid, ISTA inline reactor, timer controlled.
Substrate – Existing pre-mix of Aquaclay and Controsoil with JBL Florapol substrate fertilizer.
Decor – Red Moor driftwood and dragon rocks.
Plants – Echinodorus tenellus, E. cordifolius (Marble Queen Yellow), E. rubin, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Cyperus helferi, Ludwigia arcuata, Rotala najean, Anubias barteri var. barteri, A. nana, Microsorum pteropus (Java Fern), Hygrophila pinnatifida.